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How Inspiration can lead you to the steps of Success??


Let’s think first..!!!

Why you are here…???

Why you are reading this article..??

A very simple answer- For Inspiration..!! Am I right..??

“Inspiration” is the only word which forced you to open my blog and read this article. Yes that’s the truth because Inspiration is the key to Success.

If you Google the word Inspiration you will find the meaning “The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

Yes, you read it right being mentally stimulated. The main thing which you need to get success in your life is to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe on your potential then how can you expect that others are going to believe on it..???

Secret Tip to get success

We all want to get success in our life. We all want fame in our life. There is one Secret Tip that we all need to know to get success and that is “What a human mind can think is possible.” YES!! this is truth. So, my friend open the world of imagination and see how beautiful this world is and what Future has got for you..!!

Need and Importance of Inspiration:

You can spend life in two ways.. The first one and the very simple one is that you should live a life as every other person is living. You will found a huge number of people living life in such a boring and ridiculous way in which no one will remember after they pass away.

The second method to spend your life is by creating your own path and not following the traditional ones. At many points you will found yourself alone. Here is the point when you need motivation. You need something to blow your mind away so that you will start doing your work with double the speed.

Why inspiration is important

Why inspiration is important

Everybody in this World has some special powers but he/she is unaware of those powers. The thing needed to make those special powers awake is Inspration.You who are reading this article… yes you , I am talking to the person you will see in the mirror. What is the special thing that you are having…??? Ever thought of that…?? Or you are also living the life in the same way as everyone lives..??

Many often you have seen that everyone in this life has someone as their Idle. Some people have Sachin Tendulkar as their idol as their Idol and some will have the living legend Amitabh Bachchan. Some may have any other depending upon their interest but have you ever thought that Can you be the Inspiration for Someone…??? Ever tried to be..?? Think about it tonight before going to bed.

Well we were talking about the need of Inspiration in getting Success..!! It will embed the following qualities in you..

1. Positive Thinking:

Inspiration results into positive thinking and this is the main thing which is directly proportional to success. Most of the times you have noticed that whenever you are motivated things gets resolved automatically..!! Yes this is reality. I even found it true in many cases.

Being a WordPress Developer in a Web Hosting Company, I came across many situations where founding solutions is not that easy. But my Boss always says that Just believe in yourself,start thinking positive and see the magic.

2. Power to work Harder

Hard Work is the second most Important thing which you need to follow in order to get success as getting huge success is not an overnight game. It may take years to build a solid foundation.

When you see the success of your idol, you get inspired and you also think to be at the same place. This feeling motivates you to work more harder. :)

3.Know your Real Potential

When you are inspired by someone you will see that a Normal Human Being can do anything. For Example, Like everyone I am a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar who earned success from scratch. There are plenty of examples to be inspired from..

Just you have to do is follow your passion and get motivational dose time to time. :)

4.Right Direction to Move Ahead.

when things go wrong, our mind stops working but as soon as we see any positive vibrations around us, our mind again become active and starts working very well. Again I am saying that everything you believe can be achieved.

You can be inspired from anyone not necessarily that the person belongs to your niche (as I am a blogger I found this the perfect word!!). As I am inspired very much by some Living legends but very few of them are from Blogging Field.

5.Know your Goal in Life.

When you get motivated you will defenately find a goal in your Life. For example few months back I was cheated by a Company who gave me “Babaji ka Thullu” on the name of job and what was the result…?? For me everything was over.

I was not able to see anything in future except darkness…!!! But at that time I was much Inspired by my dad..!! As a result I am a successful WordPress developer in a good web hosting Company and in my hometown. So, I am with my family members all the time.

Now, I know my goal in life which is to help those who are lost in darkness. That is why I started this Blog.

6. Various Ways to get Success

If one gate gets closed, thousands get open. Just you are required to have those eyes who can see those gates. those eyes will come from motivation and motivation is an “Side Effect :P” of inspiration. ;)


7. Feel Strong

To Accomplish your Goals you need to believe in yourself (I already Said it two times) and believe me this is the main factor which stops you from getting success.

When you are inspired from someone you will see that how much they believed in themselves. So, you will start feeling strong and as a result you will start feeling positive vibrations. once you start believing in yourself half of the race has been finished. You have completed half of your way to success. Half will soon be covered by your hard work and dedication.

8.Dedication and Patience

Success is not an overnight game. You will have to work hard continuously and continuous hard work is not possible without any motivational factor. The best I found in India is that the young people who are from poor families make their poorness the source of their motivation and many of them has got success.. there are many live examples.

9.You can get inspiration from anywhere

Few months back when I lost my job (Actually it was fraud, I left it because my soul didn’t allowed me to continue there.) I was depressed, what to do next. Then one day Suddenly My life got changed. I was going through my home town and saw a person actually he was a labour (those who usually make homes).

That person was not having one leg..!!! I was shocked. Still he was working very hard and surprisingly very efficiently with his tool that he was not feeling any kind of distraction that he has lost his leg. I talked to him and asked him “Doesn’t you feel any kind of pain while working so hard inspite of losing your one leg..??”

he gave me an answer which changed my way to see the life. He said “BabuJi Kaam to krna hi h chahe hath pao tute ya hath. Ab bhikh to nahi manguga na. Kama kar hi khana h mujhe.”(I don’t want to beg although i have lost a leg. I will work hard and will earn with the help of that hardwork)

Bloggers from which you can get Inspiration.

As this is a blog and we all are here to help others (Also to make handsome money to be honest ;) ) I am  providing you some of the bloggers’ name of which I am a big fan. You can get Inspiration by them too.

Mr.Ravi Verma (Bloggingwide)

Mr. Kulwant Nagi(BloggingCage)

Mr.Rajesh Jhamb (Gadgetalks)

Mr. Amit Aggarwal (Digital Inspiration)

Mr. Harsh Aggarwal (Shout Me Loud)

Mr. Atish Ranjan (

and there is an endless list…..

Soon, We are going to start an Interview series with all those bloggers who have made their living starting from scratch and now a days they are at a good position.

If you like this articl then don’t hesitate to share this with your friends. :) Help others , Motivate Others and you will see the change in yourself.. :)




Hello Friends This is Rohit Batra. Author of this blog. I love helping others. Although I consider myself as a newbie in this field still if you have any query you can Contact me anytime. I will try my best to resolve it.

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19 Responses

  1. Adithya Shettya says

    Hi Rohit,
    Very thoughtful post!
    Positive thinking is the essential thing that’ll decide our success; we should work with positive frame of mind and never doubt our ability. .
    thanks for sharing!
    Adithya Shettya recently posted…How to Effectively Prepare Your Blog or Website to Be SoldMy Profile

  2. Stephan says

    Congratulation for your new blog Rohit.
    I wish you will receive a lot of achievements with it and provide us informative articles such as this post.
    thanks for your sharing and looking forward to your new post.

    Stephan recently posted…Lobortis – A charming Opencart theme for your perfume store!My Profile

  3. sameer says

    Hi rohit,
    Great post indeed,and you are right everyone should motivation and inspiration in life.Also hard work dedication and patience make you perfect and successful.Thank you for this motivational post.Keep going.!
    sameer recently posted…Facebook Buys WhatsApp for $19 BillionMy Profile

  4. Enstine Muki says

    Hi Rohit,
    Thanks for stopping over at my blogging and leaving an engagement. That’s how I got to yours hear. It looks pretty new but having a lot of fans, most of them being my friends ;)

    The first thing that caught my attention is the image and the wise saying sculptured on it. – One should create himself ;)

    Thanks for the points. When I’m inspired, I get more creative ;)
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Another $150 Hot Cash Contest – Straight to PaypalMy Profile

  5. Rupali Gupta says

    Hey Rohit,

    First of all congrats for your inspiring blog and hoping we will get here a lot of inspiring stuff in coming post. Yeah as you said above in this article inspiration boost us is absolutely right. when someone praise our work it lead us to work more better.

    Anyway wish you a great success for your blog.
    Rupali Gupta recently posted…Our First Pet lover Story – Lively Mahvish Azam’s lovely cat familyMy Profile

  6. Nirmala says

    Nice inspiring post Rohit and it is good to read the story at the end of the post.

    “Inspiration” – this word has some magical power and it would let us to reach the success. I do agree with the qualities which could be reached through inspiration, even I would say that I have got most of your mentioned qualities through inspiration.

    My hearty congrats to your new blog and great to know that you’re a big fan of list of bloggers. It is really nice to see Atish’s name here and I got greatly inspired with him to do an enhanced blogging :)
    Nirmala recently posted…Chromebook Vs Ultrabook, An Useful Debate With Their Basic DetailsMy Profile

  7. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Rohit,

    Good to be over at your blog, and congratulations for this new one too :)

    Yes, just like the others, I love the name, which says it all. We find inspiration in the smallest of things but only if we keep our eyes open. I like the little incident about the poor man who kept working because not working was not on his option list, even though he was disabled – that’s the spirit!

    You mentioned some great ways to remain inspired and if we can use all of them, we can surely remain motivated and succeed in life. I agree with the list of inspiring bloggers too – all of them are awesome, and so are you because there is inspiration in everyone :)

    Thanks for sharing, and wishing you every success with your new blog. Keep writing and keep sharing good content. Have a nice week ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted…How Starting a Freelance Writing Career Changed My LifeMy Profile

  8. shiwangi shrivastava says

    Hey Rohit,

    What a readworthy post. The word inspiration is associaled with each single person or thing. It can be co-related with other stuff.

    The list you mentioned for inspirational blogger is equal to my choice.

    Congrats for your new blog, hope you will make a mark in your new invention.

    Thanks for sharing.
    shiwangi shrivastava recently posted…Valentine special: Where the mind is without fearMy Profile

  9. John says

    Great topic indeed. Inspiration is indeed the important thing for everyone. Glad you have started a blog devoted to this only. I know almost every blogger in the list but mostly I do read on Atish Ranjan’s blog. Will check out others as well.

  10. Atish Ranjan says

    Hello Rohit,

    Sorry I am late! Congratulations for the new blog Inspireblogging. The name says all. Inspiration is indeed the need of every blogger but you have to accept the truth that if someone doesn’t want to do hard work then nothing can inspire him/her.

    Its passion lies in the people that helps getting inspiration from others which motivates them to work harder.

    Thanks for mentioning my name here. Wish you all the success for this blog! :-)
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…Giveaway – Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 3My Profile

    • rohitbatra says

      Thanks Atish Sir..!! You are a true inspiration for everyone..!!!

      Thanks For your support sir..!!


  11. Ravi Verma says


    First of all I would like to congratulate you for this new blog with the wonderful name as “InspireBlogging”.

    As this is the first article on your blog, I must say you have given a perfect shot as a first post. I pleased very much while reading it. Though the first post could an introductory, but you have written this inspiring article and clearing out the meaning of this blog.

    Another thing I found my name listed in this post. Though I am not a great blogger, but still you counted me in the list. Thanks for this kind listing here.

    I wish you a have great achievements on this blog along with the motive for which you have started it.

    Warm Regards
    Ravi Verma recently posted…Oh my Gosh! I Just Suspected a Ghost on My BlogMy Profile

    • rohitbatra says

      Thanks A lot ravi sir…
      You are a big name for me always.


  12. vijay says

    Hi rohit..congratulations for your new blog. Hope it will provide much needed inspiration to the bloggers around.
    vijay recently posted…Creative Earphones EP-600, black only for Rs 399My Profile

    • rohitbatra says

      Thankyou Vijay
      Please have a good gravatar for better influence.


  13. Riya Khurana says

    Rohit,first of all congratulation for this brand new blog.
    I really like this Inspirational article….
    thanks for this…
    And Best of Luck for this blog..

    • rohitbatra says

      Thanks Riya

  14. Rajesh Jhamb says

    Hello Rohit
    first of all congrats for your new blog and name seems to be quite interesting where I can get a lots of motivation and inspiration.
    we need inspiration at every point of our life to get succeed. Inspiration is main key to success. Whenever we get frustrated and sad we look for inspiration, we watch inspiration movies,read inspirational stories and all motivational things which can give some boost to us. So that we can further move on in our life.
    Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. :)
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…Top 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long distance RelationshipsMy Profile

    • rohitbatra says

      Thanks bro. It would not been possible without your support